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Gary Brierley

Voice from the Underground


Dr. Gary Brierley has become known for his contribution to the tunneling industry not only through the design and construction of underground structures but as well as moving the industry forward through his many articles, presentations, technical papers, and books. The following is a summary of Dr. Brierley’s contribution to the tunneling industry.

Partial List of Publications

“Tunneling by Acronym”, North American Tunneling Journal, Feb-Mar 2012.

“Deep Shaft Sinking for Grid-Scale Energy Storage”, Tunneling Journal, Aug-Sep 2011.

“Is America Undeveloping?”, ENR Magazine, August, 2011.

“Below the Surface”, Construction Today Magazine, December 2010.

“Bullshit” with Thom Neff, ENR Magazine April, 2010.

“A Worthy Battle” ENR Magazine, April, 2010.

“Green, Sustainable Structures: Look Underground” with Russ Jernigan, UIM Magazine November/December 2009

“The Surprise Waiting for You in the Tunnel”, ENR Magazine August, 2009.

“TBM – 10 yrs and counting”, TBM Magazine August, 2008.

“How to Procure a Tunneling Project Part II The Solution for Underground Infrastructure Management” with John Struzziery, May/June 2007.

“How to Procure a Tunneling Project Part I The Problem for Underground Infrastructure Management” with John Struzziery, March/April 2007

“Design Build Procurement for Underground Construction”, January 2005.


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